They met in 2012: for years Philip Roth (Newark, New Jersey, 1933 – New York, 2018) was looking a biographer. And the first thing the late writer asks Blake Bailey is, “How can a Gentile from Oklahoma write the biography of Philip Roth, a Newark Jew?” Thus began the meeting that led to what is now the highly anticipated “total biography” of 912 pages, Philip Roth: The Biography(WW Norton & Co.), which will be released in the United States on April 6; in Italy, where Einaudi will publish it, we will have to wait until next year.

«La Lettura» has previewed it and gives an account of it in the new issue, # 488, from Saturday 3 April in preview in the App of the insert and in the Digital Edition of «Corriere»; Sunday 4 on newsstands with the newspaper. Not only that: on Sunday from 2 pm, in the App of «la Lettura» and on the Digital Edition of the «Corriere», a special extra will be available with the exclusive interview with biographer Bailey by Costanza Rizzacasa d’Orsogna. The App, for smartphones and tablets, can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play or you can also subscribe via the web from (page from which all contents can also be reached from the desktop).

In the interview Bailey recounts the years of research before writing even one word, Roth’s attempts to “address” him, his concerns and vulnerabilities: “I don’t want you to rehabilitate me – the writer told him – just make me interesting.” The digital special also contains other articles by Livia Manera and Cristina Taglietti.

And also the Sunday Day Theme of the App of «la Lettura», the digital-only extra daily newspaper, is dedicated to the great American writer. He signs it Vanni Santoni, recounting his literary love at first sight for Roth: first with American pastoral, then with Portnoy’s lament.

The App will offer in the coming days too other extra insights. Tomorrow, Monday 5th, the Theme of the Day will be by Ida Bozzi, dedicated to translators who become authors. Ilide Carmignani, for example, Italian translator of the narrator, ha recently writtenStory of Luis Sepúlveda and his cat Zorba (Salani, from 8 April): a biography in the form of a fable. The volume also contains two texts by the widow Carmen Yáñez. With her, Carmignani recalls Sepúlveda in «la Lettura» on newsstands and in the App, in a conversation edited by Severino Colombo.

In addition to the new issue of the supplement and the Theme of the Day, the App of «la Lettura», distinct from that of the «Corriere» (in which the cultural insert is already available from Saturday), also offers the archive of all the issues of the supplement from 2011 to today: about 25 thousand articles that can be explored with an advanced search engine by date, theme, author and specific content categories (visual data, graphic novels, artist covers, charts).

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