Phone scammers have learned to deceive Russians using robots

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Phone scammers have come up with a scheme to steal money using a robot and a tone-on-tone conversation mode, RIA Novosti reported, the information was confirmed by experts.

There were reports that unknown persons are calling a potential victim and, under the pretext of participating in the survey, ask her to press a certain key on her phone in tone mode, if the answer to the question is yes. After that, the phone can supposedly be blocked, the fraudster will gain access to it and steal money, because a bank card is tied to the phone.

The agency found that pressing any keys in tone mode does not block the device and steal money. Cybersecurity expert at Kaspersky Lab Dmitry Galov explained that to disable a phone, it must be infected with malware or exploited. Expert of the project of the All-Russian Popular Front “For the Rights of Borrowers” Alexandra Pozharskaya added that the members of the Popular Front did not meet victims with such stories.

Golov noted that attackers actually use tone switching to reach the victim and trick her using social engineering. You can transfer a call to a live fraudster by pressing a button, but nothing can be done with the phone.

In early September, Stanislav Kuznetsov, deputy chairman of the board of Sberbank, said that the bank had collected a “library of voices” from telephone scammers, with the help of which it monitors calls to customers and blocks the withdrawal of funds from accounts. Prior to this, the credit organization collected a database of fraudulent numbers. As of the end of April, it had over 600,000 contacts.


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