Picking mirabelle plums from Lorraine: the fruits are early and the seasonal ones are lacking

In his mirabelle plum orchard in Flainval (Meurthe-et-Moselle), Luc Barbier has employed around forty pickers since July 29, “and it’s the weather that will decide the end of the season, a priori in more than two weeks. This year, the Mirabelle plums from Lorraine matured “exceptionally early”. “We had sent the message, to the Crous in particular, that the harvest would be early, precisely to be able to have the labor on time”, explains the arborist.

Wasted effort. Usually, there are many students, from mid-August to constitute the bulk of the seasonal workers, but not this year. “We are still short of arms, the students are on vacation and they are not there. In the meantime, we still have retirees and high school students, but I will lose about ten at the end of the week, ”laments Luc Barbier.

In connection with local missions and Pôle emploi

Lucien is the youngest of the team, he has just turned 16. He lives about thirty kilometers away and is driven every day by his parents, at dawn. “I wanted to work and find a first job. I really like it, there’s a good atmosphere, with music, even if it’s physical. Lucien is paid by the hour, with a minimum return to respect.

Luc Barbier, the arborist, remains in constant contact with the local missions and Pôle emploi to complete his recruitment of seasonal workers. Seven tons of fruit are shipped to the cooperative every day. “The mirabelle plum is correct, we are on our forecasts, but we are very worried about the trees which are suffering a lot. We will need water in the fall, so they have nutrients before they lose their leaves. »


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