PicPay, the payment app with buy-sell and storage services for crypto.

integration with Paxos This is the first step for PicPay Payment app in Brazil It introduces 30 million customers to digital assets and helps them gain more access to Bitcoin.

PicPay this payment application It is moving into digital currency by integrating exchange services. Crypto that allows users to purchase Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) The company has officially announced that PicPay users will be able to buy, sell and store Crypto. BTC or ETH directly through this app

The company stated that “Blockchain technology behind coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum It is already being used in the real estate sector, industry and even the arts market (NFT) through immutable tokens.”

For this reason, it has been opened with a large company like Paxos so that users can use it. USDP A stablecoin where Paxos also acts as a broker and custodian.

This integration marks PicPay’s first step in introducing 30 million users to digital assets. and help them understand that everyone can benefit from the potential of this asset class.

goal of PicPay is to lead the market growth Crypto by Bruno Gregory PicPay’s Head of Crypto said that one of the major challenges associated with adopting Crypto is eliminating complexity and making it easier to use by expanding information about the technology so that everyone can take advantage of the assets. This new type

leadership Cryptocurrency Adoption in Brazil was recently started by the company. Crypto large locals such as Bitcoin Market expanding operations And local lawmakers are working to introduce more eco-friendly regulations. Crypto It will begin drafting legislation to legalize payments in June 2022.

source cointelegraph.com


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