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He called it his “most honest interview ever” beforehand – and hadn’t promised too much.

Singer Pietro Lombardi (29) posted an emotional video on Instagram on Wednesday evening. In it, he speaks openly for 26 minutes like never before about the past few months in which he had lost his laughter. In which he questioned his life and himself and had to build up a new zest for life.

“I was completely empty and had to find myself again,” said Pietro in the video. “I was in bed in the evening, I cried, I didn’t even know why I cried.” There was a “feeling of sadness” in him that he had never felt like this before. So he pulled the rip cord: he took a break of several months.

Foto: Fabian Matzerath

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Always friendly, always funny: that’s how his fans know and love himFoto: Fabian Matzerath

Before this video, Pietro Lombardi had already excited his fans for torture: On Tuesday evening, the influencer reported back to his two million Instagram subscribers after his three-month social media abstinence. He shared a touching video titled “I’m Back,” which was a taste of the interview that has just been released.

In the video, Pietro is sitting on a chair, with dramatic music playing in the background. He speaks slowly and unusually seriously. His fans know and love the happy, successful Pietro. But he was missing something, he says now.

Suddenly he put value on expensive watches and big cars – he wanted to show people all of a sudden what he had, says Pietro. “I became a show-off.” That was exactly when he realized that he was losing the Pietro he actually is. Suddenly he wanted to attract attention – also to impress women.

Immer wieder hat sich Pietro gefragt: „Was ist gerade los? Warum bist du in diesem Loch drin?“Foto: picture alliance/dpa

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Pietro kept asking himself: “What is going on right now? Why are you in this hole? “Foto: picture alliance/dpa

At the same time, the 29-year-old didn’t even have the energy to smile at the camera. He gained 20 pounds and asked himself a lot of questions. In the past few months he has “self-treated”, as he puts it.

A realization that he has gained in the process: He now has to arrive in life and catch up on a lot. In 2011 he won DSDS at the age of 17, followed by his marriage to Sarah Engels (28) and the birth of his son Alessio (6). He never allowed himself a break.

“That day changed my whole life”

When Pietro talks about the birth of Alessio, tears come to him. “The little one came and we were happy that the first scream came now, and it didn’t come.” That is his trauma that he will never forget. “That day changed my whole life.”

Alessio was born with a heart defect and fought for his life in the intensive care unit for three months. Today he is healthy.

The former DSDS winner can now laugh again. He’s working on a lot of projects that he wants to share with his fans. It’s also going well with Sarah’s new husband Julian (28) today. He is a support for Pietro when he cannot be there for Alessio himself.

“I think I’m ready again. Pietro is back, ”says the 29-year-old at the end. In the future, he no longer just wants to smile at the camera – he also wants to cry when he’s feeling bad. And he promises: “You will get 100 percent Pietro!”

There he is again, the beam man. Welcome back, Pietro!


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