Pineapple peel recipe for weight loss

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If you throw the pineapple peel and you only enjoy the fruit, you have missed a good opportunity to lose weight. Take advantage of the benefits of the pineapple peel and in the process you will improve your health.

Pineapple peel benefits

A study conducted by the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry (United States) reveals that the pineapple peel is rich in fiber y polyphenols; the first helps to feel satiated in the body and the second because they cleanse the body naturally.

Another benefit of pineapple peel it improves your digestion and lowers cholesterol.

It is also diuretic, ideal for reducing fluid retention, swelling and the body fat.

Contains fiber and bromelain enzyme which promotes better digestion and favors intestinal transit.

How many kilos can you lose by drinking pineapple peel water?

Information the National Library of Medicine points out that pineapple juice can help fight obesity because it promotes fat oxidation and reduces adipose cells.

If in addition to taking the pineapple water fasting, you do physical activity daily for 40 minutes and you have a low-fat diet, you can lose between one and 3 kilos.

How to prepare pineapple peel water


half pineapple peel

1/2 liter of water

A stick of cinnamon


Boil the water along with the pineapple peels and cinnamon for 30 minutes. Let it cool.

Strain and drink it on an empty stomach.

In which cases it is not recommended to drink pineapple peel water

Specialists warn people with kidney, liver and cardiovascular diseases not to drink it.

In the same way they call for pregnant women, lactating and infants.

We present this video that will help you in a simple and effective way to burn fat with pineapple water.

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