Pink panther robbers are being tried in Tyrol

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Today, Tuesday, two Serbs as members of the infamous Pink Panther gang will be tried at Innsbruck regional court. You have to answer for the crime of serious robbery, among other things. The main accused is a 37-year-old – he is accused of either being involved in a total of eleven jewelery robberies in Innsbruck, Kitzbühel, Vienna, Linz and Amstetten between 2011 and 2017 or of having contributed through organization and planning.


Serbs in court on Tuesday in Innsbruck after attacking jewelers

The raids had been brutal – some with the use of handguns and axes to smash shop windows. Together with a 35-year-old compatriot and other perpetrators, the 37-year-old is said to have robbed a watch shop in Innsbruck in 2016 and threatened the sellers with a softgun. The first defendant alone, however, is charged with an attack on a jeweler in Kitzbühel in 2016 – he is said to have snatched booty of around 1.5 million euros. The two Serbs had already been sentenced in Switzerland in 2020 and then extradited to Austria.

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