Pinsdorf has elected its mayor

It was not until the third round of this year’s ballot in Upper Austria that the community of Pinsdorf finally came to see its local head. After SP candidate Jürgen Berchtaler achieved 43.7 percent of the vote in the direct mayor election on September 26th and relegated his FP competitor Jochen Wölger (31.7 percent) to second place, the runoff election between the two should actually last Sunday Candidates take place. But Wölger withdrew prematurely. So there was a vote yesterday that was about yes or no – for or against the only remaining candidate.

In the early afternoon the ballot papers were counted, and Berchtaler got 71.35 percent yes-votes. He is the new mayor of Pinsdorf and successor to Dieter Helms.

“I am very, very happy,” says Berchtaler. “We made the best of it. I am very pleased with the result.” One of his greatest goals is to be there for all community citizens, so Berchtaler. “No matter what point of view, no matter which party – and I will prove in the next six years that it can really work that way.”

The new mayor is 44 years old, international project manager at Linsinger Maschinenbau GmbH in Laakirchen and has been the proud father of little Lina Marie for three weeks. (gs)


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