On December 16 the celebrations (online) for the Pirelli skyscraper. In this video, the Milanese photographer recalls the cultural and citizen ferment of those years | Courier TV

The photographer Uliano Lucas (Milan, 1942), at the age of seventeen, describes the Milan of the new skyscraper and all the cultural, artistic and worker ferment of the time in an increasingly lively city. The Pirelli skyscraper, the brainchild of Gio Ponti, was inaugurated on April 4, 1960. To celebrate its sixtieth anniversary, the catalog (Marsilio) of the exhibition will be presented online on Wednesday, December 16. Stories of the skyscraper. The 60 years of the Pirellone between industrial culture and institutional activities of the Lombardy Region. The exhibition, promoted by the Lombardy regional council and council, curated by the Pirelli Foundation and architect Alessandro Colombo, will be held in spring 2021 with photos, films, materials and illustrations from the Pirelli historical archive.


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