Pixel 6 series phones do not have that feature! Google broke the truth

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Google has released the official information about the overhead fast charging feature of its Pixel 6 Series models.

It has been reported that Google’s Pixel 6 Series models will offer more fast charging feature.

But now Google has officially acknowledged that its new Blackship Pixel 6 Series models do not have a 30 watt fast charging feature.

Google has explained this on its official website.

Charger is not provided with Google Pixel 6 Series models. However, Google is selling the 30 watt fast charger separately.

Following this, many thought that the new Pixel 6 Series models would have a 30 watt fast charging feature.

According to Google, the new Pixel 6 offers 21 watts of fast charging and the Pixel 6 Pro offers 23 watts of charging.

The charging rate is determined by factors including battery cell, system design, temperature, system usage and state of charge.

However, it has been reported that the phone will charge up to 50 percent in 30 minutes when the battery is low.


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