Pixel Watch with short battery life was hinted at by Fitbit APK teardown


  • An APK breakdown of Fitbit app revealed that Fitbit is preparing to support Google Wear OS.
  • It’s possible that some of the details discovered in the lines of code will reveal what we can expect to see from the Pixel Watch in terms of battery life.
  • Based on the data, the battery life may only be around 24 hours.

In a newly APK file (Android Package Kit), it was unpacked by 9to5GoogleThe Fitbit app appears to support the doubts about the Pixel Watch and its estimated battery life.

If you’re familiar with a Fitbit, you might know that all Fitbit gadgets have the ability to track your sleep for as long as you’re wearing them. Fitbit Premium subscribers can get personalized insights and recommendations on how to improve their sleep.

While revealing the Pixel Watch at Google I/O earlier this year, Google confirmed that the device will include a full suite of Fitbit features, including sleep tracking. It’s the updated data on this feature, found from the APK teardown, that allows us to take a look at the potential battery life of the smartwatch.

in the data, 9to5Google I found that the latest update includes a new in-app text regarding evening charge reminders for the Pixel Watch. When enabled, the watch will recommend charging your device to at least 30% before bed.

It is important to note that APK unpacking focuses on features in progress. As a result, there is no guarantee that the mentioned features will actually be rolled out.

While there isn’t enough information here to pull off some concrete numbers, the fact that a reminder should be needed in the first place isn’t entirely reassuring, especially when Fitbit smartwatches don’t have that warning. Also, most people spend about 30% of their daily sleep over a 24-hour period, which lends credence to rumors that the battery life is somewhere around 24 hours.

For a smartwatch that you plan to use throughout the day, this isn’t exactly ideal. If your watch is at 10% before you go to bed and you need to charge it, how long should you stay awake before your watch is ready? The fast charging feature can definitely help in this case. And speaking of charging, will the Pixel Watch come with wireless charging, or will you need a charger next to your bed at all times?

We likely won’t get answers to these questions until we’re close to launch time. But at least it looks like the Pixel Watch’s battery life might be 18 hours longer than the battery life you’re getting on the Apple Watch Series 7.


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