Planning to travel in Italy soon? The pizza will cost you more than you thought

Planning to travel in Italy soon?  The pizza will cost you more than you thought

An analysis of the cost of making a margherita pizza in Naples is the basis of Bloomberg’s monthly “margherita pizza index”, which gives a measure of the cost of living shock experienced by Italians by calculating the necessary ingredients to prepare one of the country’s popular and easiest dishes. The index, which calculates data obtained from the National Statistics Office of Italy, monitors the price increases of the basic ingredients: flour, tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and olive oil, as well as the cost of energy needed to bake the pizza in a home oven.

The margherita, and its ascetic sister without the mozzarella – the marinara, are probably the most common versions baked out of the approximately 8 million pizzas that are prepared in Italy every day, according to an estimate by the food guide Il Gambro Rosso. According to tradition, the Margherita pizza is named after Margherita of Savoy, the first queen of Italy after its unification, and according to one myth, it was first prepared in honor of the queen’s visit to Naples in 1889. In addition, when a basil leaf is added to the pizza, its colors are the same as those of the Italian flag – green, red and white. The European Union recognized Pizza Margherita as a traditional unique dish of Italy.


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