Please do not take your life Chief Minister video message || “You have to live and fight; Please do not take your life ”

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First Minister MK Stalin has said that there is no point in talking about civilization and culture until there is an end to sexual harassment.


On the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, First Minister MK Stalin released a video message. He said that only by living in it can the violators be brought to justice.

And what he said in the video; –

“It simply came to our notice then. It is a shame to tell the truth when you hear the news of sexual violence against women and children and their subsequent suicides.

It is a shame that such disgusting and disgusting acts are taking place in a time when science and technology are advanced in a country that is advanced in education and employment in a society that speaks highly of virtue and culture.

You can not and should not talk about these things! It’s in my mind that those kids are screaming vitratinkappa. Women and children are subjected to sexual violence in schools, colleges, and public places. Only a few incidents come out of it. Others are hidden as is.

Half a century ago, the leading artist wrote in a film, “The monkey wanders around when his conscience is asleep.” We have no point in talking about civilization and culture until we put an end to the cruelty of sexually abusing female children by such unscrupulous men. This cannot be prevented until the idea of ​​seeing a woman alive comes to mind.

There are so many laws against explicit sexual harassment that is physically done against a woman’s will. I assure you at this time that such persons will be brought before those laws and severely punished.

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Women and children who have been subjected to such sexual violence should come forward before they can openly complain about it. Complaints should be made to the school teachers, the head teacher, parents, colleagues and the administration. They should not hesitate to take action on that complaint.

The school administration should not think that the name of the school will be tarnished if the complaint is received and the parents should not think that the villager will speak wrongly if he tells his daughter what happened outside. Doing so would be a huge betrayal of your children’s future.

The woman who is subjected to sexual harassment is psychologically distressed. Physical pain is accompanied by internal pain. Shame on you. Motivation decreases, confidence diminishes, hatred towards fellow human beings grows, anger towards men becomes greater, one becomes unable to focus on education or work. This interferes with all the activities of the woman. His very future is in question.

We all have a duty to protect the female gender from such declines. The Government of Tamil Nadu considers this to be the most important issue of all. The government is taking immediate action on complaints of sexual harassment and harassment. You yourself have been watching it in the news for the last few days. This government will not hesitate to bring to justice whoever the real culprits are.

* Assistance number for children 1098 is in government practice. Any child with an infection should call 1098 immediately. I have ordered the Department of Social Welfare and Women’s Rights to keep the secret and take appropriate action on it.

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* Similarly Chennai DBI. A 24-hour Educational Information Center has been set up in the office. Psychology trained specialists are employed in this. For complaints received from students regarding sexual violence, appropriate action is being taken.

* Self-audit list is maintained by the school education department to ensure the safety of children in schools.

* The Cyber ​​Crime Police Station has been set up at the headquarters of the Crime Prevention Unit for Women and Children and is being operated by the Police.

* Compensation is also being provided to victims of sexual offenses. There is a fund for that.

* Pokcho Special Courts are functioning properly. Boko Haram courts are located in 16 districts across the state. In addition, it has been ordered to establish in 4 districts. I have ordered that all cases be expedited and the real culprits be punished.

* The government aims to put an end to crimes against children.

* For the first time in India, the Tamil Nadu State Child Training Center is operating with the assistance of UNICEF to better address child protection.

* Training on child protection is being provided to teachers and police.

* Awareness message on Student Assistance No. 14417 for child protection will be printed and distributed in all textbooks published by the Government of Tamil Nadu from the coming academic year.

* A few days ago, on behalf of the Department of Social Welfare and Women’s Rights, I released the Policy Note for Children – 2021 at the General Secretariat. It is a statement that protects every child from all forms of exploitation and violence. Safety is guaranteed, especially for children.

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School and college administrations should show the same concern as the government. They must ensure the safety of the girls they study with. Parents should treat their children simply and sweetly. Do not live as separate islands within the same house.

Dear children … we have a duty to raise you with love and care. I have a responsibility to protect you not only as a First-Minister but also as a father. Please do not take anyone’s life.

If a girl child commits suicide it means that she blames the whole community and dies. We have to live and fight. Only by living can you bring the perpetrators to justice and punish them. So I ask you as a father, as your brother, as one of your family that no one should commit suicide. We are here to take care of you, I am there, the government is there. ”

This was stated by the First Minister MK Stalin.

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