Plus Ultra | The Madrid Court refuses to continue investigating the rescue of Plus Ultra

Plus Ultra |  The Madrid Court refuses to continue investigating the rescue of Plus Ultra

The Provincial Court of Madrid has dismissed the appeal of Vox against the closure of the proceedings in the case that investigated the rescue of 53 million euros granted to the airline Plus Ultrawhich was archived by the investigative court No. 15 of Madrid on January 5.

In an order to which EFE has had access, dated January 11, the Provincial Court rejects the appeal for annulment of the proceedings presented by Vox, based on the criteria of the Prosecutor’s Office and the State Attorney, understanding that there has not been helplessness

The company has stated that these two resolutions “have agreed with the airline, which has demonstrated compliance with the necessary conditions to be a beneficiary of the public financing obtained”.

The Madrid court agreed on the provisional dismissal and filing of the case that investigated the rescue of the airlineon the understanding that the commission of a crime did not appear duly justified, since the royal decree on urgent measures to support the economy and employment was correctly applied.

For this reason, it ruled out that crimes of embezzlement of public funds, bribery, prevarication, influence peddling, obtaining subsidies or aid from the Administration were committed, falsifying the requirements, such as they supported the complaints presented by Manos Limpias, the PP and VOX.The events date back to March 9, 2021, the date on which the Government gave the green light to aid Plus Ultra with 53 million euros in loans from the SEPI Strategic Companies Solvency Support Fund.

In April 2022, the court initiated proceedings against the former acting president of the State Industrial Participation Society (SEPI) Bartolomé Lora and the board of directors of the organization, after a complaint by the Manos Limpias union for alleged embezzlement in the ransom.

At that time, Judge Esperanza Collazos indicated that “The facts denounced lead to the presumption of the possible existence of a criminal offense.”

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Among the members of the SEPI council against whom the complaint was directed are four State Secretaries, Esperanza Casteleiro (Defence), Inés María Bardón (Treasury), Sara Aagesen (Energy) and Ana de la Cueva (Economy and Support for the Company).

Also the General Secretary for Industry and SMEs, Raúl Blanco, the Director of the Cabinet of the First Vice President of the Government, María Isabel Valldecabres, and the Director of the Cabinet of the Minister of Finance, Carlos Moreno.


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