PM Bennett admits: “I was wrong when I promised not to sit under a torch”

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PM Bennett admits: “I was wrong when I promised not to sit under a torch”

Midreshet OT Lindenbaum from the Or Torah Stone network held a special study and melody tonight (Tuesday) on the occasion of Jerusalem Day in the presence of the Prime Minister Naftali Bennett. The event was also attended by the Deputy Minister of Religious Affairs Matan KahanaAnd representatives of the Or Torah Stone network institutions, Midreshet OT Lindenbaum, the Beit Midrash for Israeli programs, the Beit Midrash for foreign programs, the students of the midrasha and more.

In his opening remarks, Prime Minister Bennett said that “as Prime Minister, the thing that bothers me is far beyond threats from Iran or Hamas. It is the internal factions that are paralyzing and do not allow us to fight and face challenges and enemies. The hatred stems from the group affiliation and not due to changes in opinions because our ideological perception is similar to that of many Likud MKs. We have a challenge to overcome the tribal garden that we have had a hard time disengaging from since Bible times. I do not think for a moment that my left-wing Plugata members love the country less than I do. “The essence of redemption is to get along with everything. We do not have an insurance certificate that everything will be fine, but we have to make an effort to achieve that.”

Asked by a student during the pre-election meeting that he promised not to sit in the government with Lapid and the Arabs, Bennett said: “I promised not to form a left-wing government, but this is not a left-wing government. I promised this. Netanyahu failed to form a government four times and I asked if it was right to break a promise or do what is right for Israel. It was difficult and I knew that after the decision hell would be released. I am proud of what we are trying to do.

In response to a question about the evacuation of Chumash, in contrast to the establishment of Bedouin localities in the Negev, Bennett noted that “there is a law that states that construction in localities that were part of the cleanup is illegal, currently the law is not different. And we are in the midst of a wave of terrorism and we must act wisely. ”

Jerusalem Day at Midreshet OT Lindenbaum (Photo: None)

President and head of the Or Torah Stone network institutions, Rabbi Dr. Katriel Brender: “The Talmud teaches us that Jerusalem is a city that is connected together – that makes all of Israel friends. The vision of Jerusalem entails a united city and the people of Israel united. The city is connected in its sanctity and united in one goal, despite the controversies and rifts. In the past year, Prime Minister Bennett has chosen to destroy the political and sectoral canvas in order to find a broad and deep common denominator. “You have challenged us all to choose a unifier over the divider, even if politically it is difficult to maintain, and there is a pointed legacy in the light of which our student must be educated.”

Rabbi Ahad Taharlev, head of the UT Lindenbaum seminary, stated: It loosens its tongue and it makes venomous use of its words, the rift is dangerous, and can damage the building of Jerusalem and its restoration. We need a good eye. “, A place where we educate for the good eye and acceptance and inclusion of the other, I want to congratulate you that you will continue to try to unite our people, that you will continue to lead our people to districts of stability, love and brotherhood and above all to the unity of Israel.”

Representative of the students of the seminary, Shira Barzilai: “A chapter in the life of Torah study, reveals how generations of Jews longed for Jerusalem, hoped to sit in it and study in it. We, at the midrasha, are privileged to do so. To realize the will and hope of the Jewish people over the years. .

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