Pnrr, Sangiuliano meeting with the Anci Campania network for municipalities winning line B of the Borghi

Pnrr, Sangiuliano meeting with the Anci Campania network for municipalities winning line B of the Borghi

2023-09-20 14:05:50

A round table was held today in Rome, at the Collegio Romano, in the presence of the Minister of Culture, Gennaro Sangiuliano, the director of the Pnrr Mission Unit, Angelantonio Orlando, and numerous mayors of Campania, both in presence and via video connection. technician to take stock of the activities in progress and implement the requests of the Municipalities that won line B of the Pnrr Borghi call.

Overall, within the relevant Pmrr, 400 million have already been allocated by the Ministry of Culture for interventions within the Campania region. Of these, 59 million are for 22 projects developed by 31 Municipalities, including the financing for the Municipality of Sanza of line A of the tender. With the deputy vice-president of Anci Campania, Antonio Del Giudice (Mayor of Striano), the General Secretary of Anci Campania, Nello D’Auria (Mayor of Gragnano), the coordinator of the small municipalities of Anci Stefano Pisani (Mayor of Pollica), numerous first were present citizens of the Campania municipalities.

“Culture must be a widespread, non-elitist right, and applied in all territories because it directly concerns the quality of life of citizens. The Ministry wants to be close to the Municipalities of Campania that believe in the value of culture. Also because the history and richness of the heritage tell us that in Campania culture can be a great area of ​​socio-economic development”, said Minister Sangiuliano to the administrators present who appreciated the closeness of the Ministry and expressed applause for the office efficiency. During the works, the lines of intervention of the Pnrr were also examined, then the Minister invited the Mayors to develop proposals and prepare projects for the FSC funds with which to integrate the projects already started and launch new ones.

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