PODCAST: What’s going on with Germany’s planned new dual citizenship law?

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2023-05-28 08:24:53

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This week we talk about a culture pass for the youth, smoking on your balcony and neighbour disputes, how the dual citizenship reform is shaping up, what the process of applying to become German is like and summer destinations.

Published: 26 May 2023 09:17 CEST
Updated: 28 May 2023 08:24 CEST

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In the latest episode of our Germany in Focus podcast, host Rachel Loxton is joined by panelists Aaron Burnett and Imogen Goodman. Our sound engineer is Rhys Edwards.

We discuss:

A culture pass birthday present for 18-year-olds in Germany.

The thorny nature of neighbour disputes and why smoking on your balcony could land you on court (or on someone’s bad side).

Can you get in trouble for smoking on your balcony in Germany?

The latest draft of the German citizenship reform is being finalised by the government. We dig deep into it, explore why there’s been a delay in the process, and hear from immigration lawyer Sven Hasse on what you should know if you’re applying for citizenship in Germany.

Lastly, we talk about our favourite summer getaways in Germany for a day trip or weekend getaway.

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