Poetic recital in Ballesol | SweetPlant

Poetic recital in Ballesol |  SweetPlant

Poetry as a weapon against loneliness. Ballesol and Compass Group have collaborated on the Poesía Eres Tú initiative, with which the users of the centers have been able to compose poems or read great classic works in the leisure rooms cLike also the tasting of a typical Easter dish such as French toast with coulis with English cream.

Verses by great poets such as Garcilazo de la Vega, Lorca or Góngora have been present in entertainment rooms as a therapeutic tool. These activities are part of the Let’s Feed Emotions program of the Medirest group, a brand specialized in the socio-health field of Compass Group. The initiative has reached more than 2,300 residents of the 18 centers that Ballesol operates in Spain.

Yosune Rodríguez, Ballesol’s marketing and commercial director, points out that “for us to see them enjoy each month through this Compass action is very comforting; We actively work to improve the day-to-day lives of residents”.

The objective The main goal is to accompany the people in these residences to make their stay more comfortable and joyful. with new ideas that are complemented by the tasting of typical dishes of Spanish gastronomy.

Ballesol is a Spanish company specialized in caring for the elderly and dependent people. The group manages 51 residences in Spain. Compass Group, is a company in the collective catering sector. They carry out their activities through different specialized brands: Eurest, dedicated to catering for companies and industry; Scolarest, which offers gastronomic services in educational centers; Medirest, hospital food and users; Vitarest, which feeds the elderly at home; Vilaplana, catering for corporate, sporting and private events; Seral, food services and Gow, gastronomic corners.


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