Poisoned letter sent to Donald Trump | The prosecutor will propose an agreement on the sentence of Pascale Ferrier

(Washington) A US federal prosecutor said his office was working on a deal that could be offered to a Quebecer accused last year of sending poison to former President Donald Trump.

Pascale Ferrier made a brief appearance in Washington court Thursday morning by video conference, and her case is due back in court on November 10.

Prosecutor Michael Friedman told the court he had discussed a sentence negotiation with other Justice Department officials and outlined the general outlines of a potential offer to defense attorney for Mr.me Ferrier.

Mme Ferrier has been accused of threatening to kill and injure the US president, mailing threats and violating biological weapons bans in connection with a ricin poisoned letter that was sent to the White House.

She also faces 16 federal charges in Texas relating to letters containing ricin that were sent to law enforcement officials in that state.

David Bos, a public defender representing Mme Ferrier, said the Texas charges would also be part of sentencing negotiations.

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