Poisonous seeds on the liver and kidneys • Observatory newspaper

Poisonous seeds on the liver and kidneys • Observatory newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Dr. Fahd Al-Khudairi, a researcher of carcinogens, warned of an unknown person selling a product that claims to cure sugar. Al-Khudairi explained that this unknown person from her ignorance claims that her product is a treatment for cumulative sugar only.

And he added, in a tweet he posted on Twitter, that she does not know what diabetes is, and her mixture contains crushed henna seeds, which are very toxic.

And he said: Because of its bitterness, the sugar will certainly drop sharply, for an hour, and the patient will assume that it is a treatment, and after two hours it will rise, and the effects of toxins will appear on the liver and kidneys.

Al-Khudairi wished the Food and Drug Authority and the competent authorities to look into her matter, saying: “People and children’s souls are not a game with them, and any responsible person who communicates with me will give him all the evidence that proves them, and that they grind them and settle them in their home and sell them without a barcode and without medical evidence.


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