Kochi: The anticipatory bail hearing of the accused in the Hotel No. 18 pox case, including Roy Vayalat, has been adjourned till Monday. The High Court on Wednesday adjourned the bail hearing to hear further arguments after hearing the arguments of the prosecution and the respondent. The petition will be heard again on Monday.

Defendant Roy Violet told the court Wednesday that he was not cooperating with the investigation. Therefore, it is imperative that the accused, including Roy Violet, be taken into custody and questioned. The prosecution informed the court that the confidential statement of the complainant had been recorded.

However, the respondent contended that the complainant in the Pok‌mon case was spreading false information through the media. The complainant is releasing false information through the media every day. The complainant has already attempted financial fraud. It also has cases. Defendant said that evidence and details of this can be produced. Defendant also sought an injunction restraining the arrest of Roy Violet and others involved in the case. But the court did not issue a written order in this regard. The court said it was repeating an earlier oral order. Therefore, it is unlikely that the probe team will proceed with the proceedings, including the arrest of the accused, till Monday.

Police have registered a pox case against hoteliers Roy Vayalat, Saiju Thankachan and their friend Anjali for allegedly sexually abusing girls at the No. 18 hotel in Fort Kochi. The complainant alleged that Anjali had taken the girls to Hotel No. 18 and sexually abused the girls by giving them drugs.

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