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The Polish authorities believe that the Belarusian security forces have changed their tactics for managing groups of refugees at the border. This statement was made on Saturday, November 20, by the Minister of Defense of the country Mariusz Blaszak on the air of the radio station RMF FM.

Now small groups of people are trying to cross the border at the same time in several different places, Blaschak emphasized. According to him, this is a “new method” of crossing the border by migrants from Belarus and there is no doubt that the actions of migrants are controlled by the Belarusian authorities.

Polish border guards also reported on November 20 that a large number of small groups of people were trying to break into the country.

195 attempts to cross the border per day

Earlier, border guards reported numerous attempts to break through the border of large groups of migrants. The largest group numbered up to 200 people.

In total, on the night of November 20, border guards prevented 195 attempts to cross the border illegally. The migrants were aggressive: they threw stones and fireworks, used tear gas, the Polish border service said.

In addition, according to the Polish police, nine alleged smugglers were also detained in the border area, organizing the illegal transfer of people to EU countries. Among the detainees are citizens of Poland, Ukraine, Germany, Azerbaijan and Georgia. In total, they transported 34 migrants.

Recognition of Lukashenka

In an interview with the British media company BBC on November 19, Alexander Lukashenko admitted that Belarusians helped migrants to get to the territory of the European Union. “It is absolutely possible” that the Belarusian servicemen helped the migrants to cross the border with Poland, he said. “We are Slavs. We have a heart. Our troops know that migrants are heading to Germany,” he explained.

“Maybe they (migrants. – Ed.) someone helped. I will not even delve into this, “Lukashenko said, adding that he did not invite migrants to Belarus.” I said that I was not going to keep migrants at the border by force or take them away by force … they are not going to my country, but to yours, ”the Belarusian ruler emphasized.

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Revenge for European sanctions

Since May 2021, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia have noted an increased flow of migrants from the Middle East. They are trying to get to the EU through Belarus. The leadership of the European Union accuses Belarusian ruler Alexander Lukashenko of a hybrid attack on European countries in retaliation for the European sanctions imposed on Minsk.

The most difficult situation in November developed on the Polish-Belarusian border. On November 8, several thousand migrants approached the border with Poland from Belarus. Since then, they have continued to make attempts to forcefully cross the border in the direction of Poland, throwing stones at the border guards, using tear gas and blinding them with lasers.

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