Poland demands from Germany 1.3 trillion dollars in reparations for the Second World War

Poland demands compensation from Germany (freepik photo)

Poland is demanding that Germany pay $1.3 trillion in reparations for atrocities committed during the country’s Nazi occupation.

Foreign Minister Zbigniew Rao sent an official note to the German Foreign Ministry on Monday requesting payment. Last month, the ruling nationalist party in Poland announced that Germany owes its neighbor to the east about 1.26 trillion dollars.

During World War II, six million Poles were killed by the Nazi German occupation forces, many of them civilians, including three million Polish Jews. More than 200,000 Poles were executed, and the city of Warsaw was destroyed by the Germans after an uprising in 1944.

“(The comment) expresses the position of the Polish Foreign Minister, according to which the parties must take immediate steps in order to permanently and effectively settle the issue of the consequences of the German aggression and occupation,” Rao said at a press conference. to Reuters. Rao indicated that he plans to address the issue with Germany’s Foreign Minister, Analana Barbuk, at the upcoming security conference.

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However, Germany claims that all reparations to nations on the Eastern Front were paid in the immediate post-war years. During the reign of the Soviet Union in 1953, Poland’s leaders signed an agreement with Germany that waived all claims to war reparations.

Poland’s nationalist Law and Justice party claims the agreement is invalid because the country failed to negotiate fair compensation due to pressure from the Soviets to release East Germany from all financial obligations. Germany, Poland’s largest trading partner, states that along with the financial compensation, Poland also received part of Germany’s lands before the war.

After the war, Poland received 40,000 square kilometers of East Germany, according to the Wall Street Journal. Moreover, about 10 million ethnic Germans were forced to relocate by the Polish authorities.

Since coming to power in 2015, Reuters reports that the Law and Justice party has raised the idea of ​​reparations to mobilize voters, leading to a strained relationship with Berlin.

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