Poland: Supreme Court declares EU treaty unconstitutional

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The constitutional tribunal, which has been brought into line, considers Union law to be of secondary importance.

Brussels. Poland is slipping into the biggest political crisis since joining the European Union in 2004. On Thursday evening, the constitutional tribunal in Warsaw announced its ruling, which had been postponed several times, on the question of whether the Polish constitution is subordinate to EU law or, above all, on the question of its appointment of judges above the EU treaties. With the exception of two dissident opinions, all judges appointed by the national authoritarian ruling party PiS voted, as expected, that Articles 1 and 19 of the EU Treaty were unconstitutional. The Republic of Poland could not “function as a democratic and sovereign state” because of Article 1, which stipulates the establishment of the EU by the member states and the transfer of powers to them in order to achieve common goals.

Article 19, which stipulates the European Court of Justice as a guarantor of the “observance of the law in the interpretation and application of the Treaties” and obliges the member states to “create the necessary legal remedies so that effective legal protection is guaranteed in the areas covered by Union law” is also unconstitutional because it tells Poland how judges are to be appointed.

The European Commission expressed “serious concerns” and stated that it had to examine the judgment. Your release of almost 60 billion euros in Corona construction aid to Poland is now a long way off.


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