‘Police Buddhi’ who helped controversial businessman Shaib surrenders – Nilambur Murder Case

Nilambur ∙ Retired SI Sundaran Sukumaran, the aide of Shaibin Ashraf, the main accused in the case of the torture and murder of Shaba Sharif, a native of Mysuru, at his house in Nilambur, has surrendered in court. Muttam has surrendered in the Judicial First Class Magistrate Court. The court had earlier rejected his anticipatory bail plea. Shaibin Ashraf’s bail plea has also been rejected by the High Court today.

The Muttam court remanded Sundaran and handed over Muttam to the police to produce him in the Nilambur court. Muttam police will immediately return to Nilambur. According to the other accused arrested in the case, Sundaran was Shaib’s assistant and legal advisor in all his dealings.

When the police realized that Buddhi Sundar belonged to the main accused, including destroying the evidence, the police started the investigation for him. Sundaran, who went into hiding after Shaibin was arrested, switched off his phone. As Sundaran did not use his mobile phone, all the investigations conducted by the police came to a standstill. Even the pension was not withdrawn from the account for three months. It is known that Muttam surrendered in court while the police team searching for Sundaran arrived in Mangalore today and was conducting an investigation.


Retired SI Sundaran Sukumaran surrendered in court

The police reached there knowing that his son was working in Mangalore and was keeping close with his son. But yesterday, the residents informed that the son had finished his work here and returned home. With this, the unexpected surrender comes when the investigation is at a dead end.

Sundar, formerly an SI, was supervising the staff in Shaib’s overseas business. He had taken leave and was working abroad. Later he returned to work before retiring and completed his term. After that, he again became Shaib’s assistant abroad. Although his name was Joli, the police have found out that Sundaran was leading the gang work for Shaib.

Meanwhile, Shaibin Ashraf was remanded on the 88th day in the case of murdering a local doctor, and the police filed a charge sheet against the accused. Shaib, who went to jail challenging that he would come out within 15 days even if he was arrested, was defeated by the investigation team’s skillful unraveling of the crimes. The investigation team submitted the charge sheet on time. The Nilambur police filed a 3177-page charge sheet in the Nilambur First Class Magistrate Court. Two accused persons are yet to be arrested.

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