Police dissolve Corona opponents’ camp in Vienna

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Complaints were also received from a nearby school institution that school children were allegedly harassed and harassed by the demonstrators in an obtrusive manner with questionable content.

The City of Vienna, as the landowner, and the Vienna police have given the rally participants sufficient time to express their opinion within the framework of freedom of assembly. “However, the development of the demonstration has reached an extent that disrupts public order and is therefore no longer covered by the right of assembly.”

14 participants had to vacate the camp

At 4:37 a.m. on Friday, the attendees were informed that the meeting would be dissolved. According to the police, the 14 attending camp participants had until 5 a.m. to take their personal belongings with them. “At the end of the allotted time, there were four people who refused to leave,” police said. They were reported to have been reported under the Assembly Act.

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