Police do not consider shelling of a bus in Kosovo as a terrorist attack

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The Kosovo police do not consider the attack on the bus, which killed three people. According to the preliminary version, the attacker acted alone, they are looking for him. According to media reports, the attack was motivated by revenge.

“According to the first version of the investigation, the attacker may have been alone. We are not talking about a terrorist attack, ”said the deputy head of the regional police department, Veton Elshani (quoted by RIA Novosti).

The Serbian newspaper Kurir writes that the young man committed the crime out of revenge. The publication claims that the bus driver and conductor kicked out the attacker for molesting the girls. After that, the young man took a Kalashnikov assault rifle, waited for the bus and opened fire on it.

The attack took place the day before, on November 26, in the village of Glodjan near the town of Decani in western Kosovo. The driver, the conductor and two students born in 2003 and 2004 were killed.


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