Police have arrested two suspects in the 32-year-old murder of Rasha

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Police arrested two suspects in the murder of 13-year-old Rasha Sitawi yesterday (Friday) at her parents’ home in the eastern neighborhood of Marar in the Galilee. Simultaneously with the arrest of the two suspects, the court issued at the request of the police a restraining order on the details of the investigation.

Sitawi, a mother of 3 children (12,8 and 5), was previously married to a resident of the village of Rama. Last night she was in critical condition after being shot, and her death was soon determined. “She was murdered in cold blood right inside the house while leading a normal life with the children,” Rafa’s cousin Tawfiq Sitawi told N12. “She was a very quiet girl who worked for a living in her cosmetics business at the beauty salon.”

“We have no background, we received the message in a shocking way precisely on the day that the fight against violence against women is marked,” the cousin added. “We do not know why it happened and how, we are in shock. This is a quiet neighborhood in the city of Marar. We trust the police to do their job.”

MDA paramedic Khaled Zoabi said: “We joined the police forces and entered the apartment, the woman was lying unconscious and with penetrating injuries to her body. We performed medical tests on her – but she was without signs of life and we had to determine her death on the spot. “

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