Police have deciphered the murder of Eldad Perry, an indictment will be filed against Daniel Kedar

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Police announced today (Monday) that they have managed to decipher the murder of real estate developer Eldad Perry, and to gather evidence against the main suspect, Daniel Kedar. Today, the prosecution filed a prosecutor’s statement against him, and an indictment will be filed in the coming days.

The gun, which was found in the home of Daniel Kedar, a 64-year-old resident of Rishon Lezion, was the one from which real estate developer Eldad Perry was shot dead. With the evidence continues to deny what is attributed to him.

The police told Israel Today that it was a brutal murder and a brutal arena. The ballistics opinion was very difficult, and the researchers advised the family not to read or see it.

The late Eldad Perry was shot dead on the morning of October 15 by a motorcyclist while attending prayers at a synagogue on the agricultural farm in Rehovot. The motorcyclist, emerged in front of him, opened fire at him and then fled the scene.

The murder suspect, Daniel Kedar,

Police arrived at the scene immediately after the murder, and began questioning eyewitnesses. A couple who were doing sports told police they noticed a dark motorcycle waiting near the entrance to the parking lot. They later began to track the exit route from the murder scene and then came to a camera that turned out to be significant. Based on the photographs from it, the researchers were able to locate the type of motorcycle that came out of the agricultural farm in the direction of Weizmann Street and Nes Ziona.

The police then understood that the motive for the murder was revenge, and the working assumption was that it was a person who did not share the intentions of the murder, and planned and carried out the act independently and calmly, and that it was not a criminal organization. They realized that this was a lone threat fired at his personal weapon and the motorcycle he owned, so he hid the license plate.

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In the first phase, the researchers began to map a potential circle of casualties. They reached out to 2,000 potential suspects, common to the company and up to investment owners who gave loans or bonds, and slowly denied them.

Investigators proceeded to assume that the killer had purchased an apartment and lost all his money. They summoned the trustees and received from them the list of all the buyers of the apartments. They began to identify the purchasing groups, summoned project committee heads, examined group correspondence and identified the violent correspondence.

At the same time, through the same photographs, the researchers were able to arrive at a unique, not very common type of motorcycle, and the investigation of the scene revealed that the pods were of a Glock type pistol. The starting point was that the backpacks belonged to a person who holds a gun license.

Investigators carried out cross-examinations between the type of motorcycle and the type of gun, and then it turned out that it was Daniel Kedar, a grandfather of six. Investigators were initially unconvinced that they had caught the killer, but as the investigation deepened they were able to cross between the motive and travel in Kedar’s work vehicle as part of preparations for the area near Perry’s house.

For two weeks they conducted an undercover investigation in which the investigators realized that no exercise would work on a potter, who did not involve anyone in the preparations or the murder itself. Investigators then decided to stop Kedar in the parking lot near his home. When police arrived at the scene, the gun, motorcycle and license plate covered with insulating tape were also seized at the scene. Kedar was brought in for questioning along with seven members of his family to rule out their involvement.

The scene of the murder, Photo: Yossi Zeliger

In the first interrogation, Kedar gave a version that complicated him, as well as an alibi that was easily refuted. From the second interrogation he maintained his right to remain silent, but investigators were able to extract from him the indictment that he was at the scene on the day of the murder. The seized gun was handed over to the forensic officer, and after an examination, the investigators received a line that there was a match between the pods and the bullets and the gun that Kedar had a license for.

Last night, Kedar confronted the forensic evidence, and he denied the suspicions. Police are holding ballistic evidence, documentation from cameras and a motorcycle and a vehicle that arrived at the scene in preparation for the murder. Police estimate that from March, Kedar planned the murder, because that is when he began preparations in the field.

The motive itself was born around February, when Kedar was asked to complete hundreds of thousands of shekels for the continued construction of the project. At that time, the murder suspect decided to conduct an undercover independent investigation after the late Perry. Kedar bought two apartments for himself and his son in the Lod project, and invested over NIS 2 million in projects. He was persuaded to pay the amount in advance This year, Kedar was asked to pay an additional NIS 1.3 million to complete the project. When he received the demand for payment, Kedar decided to eliminate Eldad Perry.

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