Police have doubts about radicalization of Kongsberg perpetrators after attack with five victims – News

  • After the violence in Kongsberg, Norway, with five dead, investigators have increasing doubts about a terrorist-motivated act.
  • There are indications that the suspect has not actually converted to Islam, said police inspector Thomas Omholt at a press conference on Saturday.
  • Instead, the suspicion of a mental illness was confirmed.

A 37-year-old Dane had admitted that he killed five people in downtown Kongsberg on Wednesday evening. The man had shot at numerous people with a bow and arrow, among other things. As it turned out, the man had been the focus of authorities for years. Among other things, he published a video in 2017 in which he described himself as a Muslim and a messenger and announced an action.

He was not trusted to commit a politically motivated act of violence. The investigations have now shown that the man did not take his alleged conversion to Islam seriously, said Omholt. Investigators assume that he acted alone. There is no indication that he has been in contact with other people, Omholt continued.


Norway’s new Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Store visited the crime scene in Kongsberg, west of Oslo, on Friday.


Offender detained in medical facility

The alleged perpetrator’s lawyer told Norwegian broadcaster TV2 that he agreed with the police’s preliminary results. According to the police, the Dane had been in frequent contact with the health service over the course of several years. Omholt did not want to comment on details about the mental health of the man in order not to influence testimony, as he emphasized.

A court ordered the Dane to be detained for four weeks on Friday. He has to spend the first two weeks in isolation. The court also imposed a ban on visits, the media and letters. Due to his state of health, however, he is not yet able to be questioned. He was not placed in a prison but in a closed medical facility; the police announced this.


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