Police Investigating Deadly Incidents Involving Jerushi Criminals: Were Officers in Danger?

Police Investigating Deadly Incidents Involving Jerushi Criminals: Were Officers in Danger?

Title: Police Investigate Fatal Incidents Involving Jerushi Family Criminals in Ramla

The Department of Police Investigations at the Ministry of Justice is currently investigating two separate incidents involving police officers from the Central District Police and members of the criminal Jarushi family in Ramla. These incidents resulted in the deaths of the criminals. The investigators are determining whether the police officers were genuinely in life-threatening situations that justified their use of lethal force.

In the first case, one of the criminals involved in a car bombing incident in Moshav Hatsav fled to Ram Junction, where the police officers opened fire on him. Shortly after, the Central Police Department detectives, along with other security forces, raided the Jarushi family compound in Ramla to make additional arrests related to the bomb explosion. According to the police, a 16-year-old boy from the family shot at them, and they returned fire, fatally wounding him. The injured boy is currently fighting for his life at Assaf Harofeh Hospital.

At present, there is no official investigation into either case. However, the incidents are being evaluated to determine whether the use of lethal force was justified. If it is established that the shootings were warranted given the circumstances, no further investigation will be pursued.

The Jarushi criminal organization has undergone a transformation in the past year. Previously focused on collecting sponsorships fees from contractors and businesses, they have now become hired killers. The murder of the organization’s former leader, Benny Shlomo, by one of their members named Hani Kashot, raised their notoriety within the criminal world. The police describe the family as “angels of death” who spare no means to carry out their assassinations. This change in their modus operandi has caught law enforcement off guard.

In another incident that occurred recently, young men from the Jarushi family targeted and killed 37-year-old Adir Ivgi from Kiryat Malachi. Despite being under police surveillance, the assailants managed to detonate a 2 kg bomb inside Ivgi’s car, resulting in his death. Authorities are perplexed as to why the detectives of the Central Unit failed to prevent the assassination in real time.

Law enforcement officials admit that the Jarushi family has become increasingly audacious and fearless. They carry out pre-planned murders, often involving the use of explosives, and are undeterred by the presence of law enforcement. Their previous target, Eliran Khovlashvili, was shot in broad daylight in Ashdod, demonstrating their willingness to carry out their missions regardless of the risks involved.

In response to these developments, the Israel Police conducted a special operation in the Jarushi neighborhood in Ramla. Two residents were arrested on suspicion of their involvement in the murder in Hatsav. The police seized two Kalashnikov airsoft weapons, a firearm, and a cartridge, which will undergo further analysis in forensic laboratories.

Central District Commander, Superintendent Avi Biton, emphasized that any attempt to harm police officers would be met with severe consequences. As long as there is a genuine threat, the instruction is to neutralize it immediately.

The investigations into the incidents involving the Jarushi family continue as law enforcement aims to bring those responsible to justice and ensure the safety of the community.


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