The Israel Police announced tonight (Saturday) that they have completed their preparations for the football game between the Maccabi Tel Aviv and Hapoel Beer Sheva teams, which will be held today at 20:00 at Bloomfield Stadium in Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv District Police and dozens of ushers and security guards showed up at Bloomfield Stadium and outside it this afternoon to maintain order and security, crowd safety and traffic regulation.

The opening hours for the gates to the public will be from 18:00 and due to the strict inspection expected at the entrance gates, it is recommended that the fans arrive before the stadium.

The Israel Police emphasizes that it will enforce the guidelines of the Ministry of Health in order to stop the spread of the corona virus, including:

🔹Duty to wear a mask in the required places

Entry into the game will only be allowed for those with a green mark, except for children up to the age of 3, or for those who have a negative result in an immediate (rapid) corona test, which was performed during the 24 hours prior to the test (not a PCR test) next to the ID card.

The public is asked to refrain from arriving by private vehicles due to traffic congestion, as well as the access lanes surrounding the stadium will be blocked for vehicular traffic starting at 16:00 as follows:
Revival Street
• She’erit Yisrael Street
• Resurrection Street
• Adopt Street

🔹 The police will carry out increased enforcement regarding parking in places that are not in accordance with the law.

Regulated car parks For those arriving by car, it is recommended to use regulated car parks that are within the range of the lot, such as –
1. The Jaffa Yards parking lot on Shlomo Street 4. (Early coordination)
2. The college parking lot on Heinrich Heine Street at the corner of Rabbeinu Yeruham.
3. The Tree of Knowledge parking lot on Hayesod Street
4. The academic parking lot on Leumim Street
5. Parking lot on Adulam Street, corner of the League of Nations.
6. Abulafia parking lot at 36 Kibbutz Galuyot Street.

Parking lots within a range of up to about 2.5 km:
1. The Etzel House parking lot
2. The Dolphinarium parking lot and the Occupiers parking lot.
3. The station complex parking lot
4. Ein Yaakov parking lot
5. The Carmel parking lot – the corner of the occupiers and the corner of Kalisher Street.
6. Hahoreshot Park parking lot, 71 Ben Zvi Road
7. Lavon parking lot, Ofer Cohen Street.
8. Warriors parking lot in front of Wolfson.
9. Jaffa Port parking lot at 39 Hanemal Street

🔹 The police will deploy visible and covert police officers to maintain order and security, will act resolutely and will show zero tolerance against fans who will try to disrupt public order and resort to violence of any kind.

🔹 It is strictly forbidden to operate skimmers during the game.

🔹 No smoking in the stadium areas

הכנסת Glass bottles and nuts will not be allowed in the stadium.

🔹 Alcohol will not be allowed in the place and fans who are under the influence of alcohol will not be allowed in.

🔹 No entry with weapons will be allowed.

🔹 The passage of an audience between gates and non-compliance with the instructions of the ushers placed in the place is the same as a violation of the law and will be dealt with in full severity.

ישראל The Israel Police will show zero patience towards any incident of violence that will occur of any kind, including expressions of racism and damage to property, and will exhaust the law to the end with those involved.

🔹 For the convenience of the public, the Israel Police has updated the blockages in the waze navigation app, which can be used for alternative routes.

Meanwhile, police this evening (Saturday) unveiled a fan bus in Bloomfield, before the start of the football game, with a torch removed inside a backpack that was intended to be lit during the game.

Photo: Police spokeswoman


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