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The situation on the German-Polish border is dramatic: More and more refugees are arriving here. Belarus dictator Alexander Lukashenko (67) sends her on the arduous journey through Poland to Germany.

The chairman of the Federal Police Union, Heiko Teggatz (48), is now calling on BILD Live: The federal government must act now, react to the crisis!

His approach: Germany should “give this EU internal border with Poland the status of an external border.” For this, the border only needs to be “notified” by the EU, as Teggatz explains. Because then “the federal police can take border police measures there directly at the border”.

The union boss thinks little of the increased veil manhunt, initiated by Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (72, CSU). His demand: stationary border controls. “If I seriously want to monitor closely, then I have no choice but to finally implement the stationary border controls.” This saves staff and enables the measures to be taken directly on site.

In plain language: Germany should close the bulkheads for a while!

Because: According to Teggatz, the number of identified border crossings has risen sharply. “We are currently talking about more than 6500 findings on the German-Polish border.” A few weeks ago it was 3000.

For self-appointed border guards of the right-wing extremist small party “III. Weg ”, who carried out a“ border walk ”on Sunday night, Teggatz has a clear message:“ One cannot tolerate something like that (…). The fourth way will hopefully lead to the prison of these people. ”The border guard is still a task of the state, against such vigilante groups one has to take“ tough action ”.

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