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In recent months, various media have written about the polio virus. For example, NOS reported about a ‘polio outbreak’ in the American state of New York: remains of the polio virus were found in several places in sewage water. The disease was also diagnosed in an unvaccinated young adult.

Polio is a disease that can cause severe paralysis. It is caused by a virus that can be passed from person to person through faeces or contaminated food or drink. Only unvaccinated people can get sick from it. Polio only occurs in Afghanistan and Pakistan, but the virus sometimes shows up in other countries, including the Netherlands. However, cases of polio are rare. The last case in the Netherlands dates from 1993 when there was an outbreak among unvaccinated people.

People who have been vaccinated against polio, such as in the Netherlands via the DKTP vaccination from the National Immunization Programme, are not at risk of becoming ill. An additional vaccination campaign has therefore been launched in New York.

This message is based on an article from the Dutch Journal of Medicine (NTvG). Dokter Media and the NTvG are working together on nuanced reporting on medical research.

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