Polish Foreign Ministry: Belarus wants to bring the situation on the border to death

The Polish authorities have recorded the preparation of a mass assault by illegal migrants of the border from Belarus, said the press secretary of the minister coordinating the work of the Polish special services, Stanislav Zharyn. Deputy Foreign Minister of Poland Piotr Wawzhik said that Minsk wants to bring the situation on the border to death. The State Border Committee of Belarus said that the group of refugees numbers more than a thousand people, but they do not pose a threat so far.

“I am convinced that this is not even an impression, but I am convinced that the Belarusian authorities are striving for an escalation, an escalation that will lead to the fact that there will be fatal casualties on either side,” Piotr Wawzhik said on the air of Polish Radio. According to him, Poland is ready to repel an attempt to forcefully cross the border. “How it looks will depend on the other side,” he said, adding that Warsaw is responding “in the same way as the situation.”

Stanislav Zharyn wrote in Twitterthat in Belarus, near the border with Poland, a large group of migrants has gathered, which is moving towards the border. According to him, they will try to enter Poland en masse. “This is yet another hostile action by Belarus directed against Poland,” wrote Mr. Zharyn.

The fact that a large group of refugees is moving along the highway to the border with Poland was also reported by the State Border Committee of Belarus. BelTA informs that the Belarusian side is taking the necessary measures for the safety of people moving along the highway.

The official representative of the State Border Committee, Anton Bychkovsky, told RIA Novosti that the group of refugees numbers more than a thousand people, but they still pose no threat. “Our task is to make everything safe for everyone. We are forced to act, given that this is a large number of people. At the same time, at the current moment of time, they do not pose any threat, ”said Mr. Bychkovsky. Answering the question about the actions of the Belarusian border guards in case the refugees reach the checkpoint, he noted that “it is necessary to understand what the group really wants and how it will act”.

Later, the border guards told Sputnik that the entire group of migrants had already left for Poland, leaving the territory of Belarus, and the cordon at the border was removed. A group of migrants is currently in the vicinity of the Kuznitsa checkpoint, the Polish Defense Ministry told the agency.

Yesterday, November 7, the Polish Ministry of Defense also reported on the increase in tension on the border with Belarus due to the influx of migrants.

In September, the EU countries recorded record flows of refugees from Belarus. Then in Warsaw they said that since August 9.4 thousand illegal immigrants tried to get into Poland, 8.2 thousand of them were forced back into the territory of Belarus.

More details – in the publication of Kommersant “Those who were not expected go to Europe.”



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