Political chaos: The Swedish prime minister resigned 7 hours after she was sworn in

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Just seven hours after her appointment as the first woman prime minister of Sweden: Magdalena Anderson announced today (Wednesday) that she is resigning, following a failure to pass the state budget law in parliament.

After the 54-year-old Anderson’s budget initiative failed, Parliament was forced to pass in its place a budget law of the right-wing opposition parties – the Conservative moderates, the Swedish Democrats and the Christian Democrats.

Following this, the Greens decided to leave the coalition, as it is unwilling to act on the budget of the right.

A few hours earlier, Anderson had been elected prime minister by a narrow majority, after a vote of confidence in parliament approved Cole’s candidacy: out of 349 lawmakers, 174 lawmakers opposed, 117 voted in favor and 57 abstained. Another legislator was absent from the vote – and thanks to him she became prime minister.

The Greens’ retirement, however, forced Anderson to submit her resignation, although she was not due to take office until her meeting with King Charles XV in 16 days.

As a result, Acting Prime Minister Stefan Leben will continue to hold the position he has held since 2014.

Discussions will now take place between the party leaders regarding the continuation of the process and tomorrow the Speaker of the Parliament, Andreas Norlan, is expected to announce the next steps.

There is still a possibility that Anderson will once again win the nomination in a new vote in parliament.

The general election in the country is expected to take place in September 2022, a distant date that will make it difficult for the new government to form a train and could cause prolonged political instability.

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