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twelve o’clock, March 11, 2021 – 09:00

of Matteo Cosenza

In politics there are words that are generally avoided since we are dealing with “a science and technique, like theory and practice, which has as its object the constitution, organization, administration of the state and the direction of public life”. This does not deny the value of ideals, passion, social relationships and between people, but the purpose, as the famous Florentine taught us a few centuries ago, is pre-eminent. Therefore, in this interminable and now cloying Neapolitan story it is impressive to hear about feelings, ingratitude, youthful excesses, almost as if the administration of the city was confused with the life and tensions of a family. And then one can serenely reflect on this tormented and even painful ending of a season that has lasted a decade and which sees the city bent by neglect to which the interminable torment of the pandemic has recently been added. The epilogue has psychoanalytic features and this reference does not sound offensive because in the resignation of the councilor for culture, Eleonora De Majo, one can glimpse a patricide, political of course.

C’it must be said that the mayor in recent years has stumbled into more than one laceration as shown by the trail of replacements and abandonments whose list is really copious, but the latter is probably the most illuminating for the story of those who slammed the door and for the investment it represented for those who chose it: to strengthen the alliance with “Insurgencia” and the world of social centers connected to it. De Magistris threw one of his best councilors, Nino Daniele, out of Palazzo San Giacomo with remarkable elegance, for an evident political calculation that he reiterated in recent days: “I do not regret the choice, a choice, among other things , also criticized in the city. I would do the same thing again; among young people there are those who have grasped and knew how to make good use of this opportunity that no one else could ever have given them ». A merciless thrust, from an angry father, who with that “no one else” abandons his daughter to her fate. And that we are in the midst of an almost familiar drama is clearly explained: “Young people can also accept excesses and absences of gratitude”. Following the sentence, “we look to the future”, which states that the former councilor obviously looks elsewhere. She replies: «I am very grateful to him – she says to Luigi Roano del Morning – for giving me the opportunity to fill such a prestigious role during this year and a half. The Mayor is wrong to confuse the claim for autonomy with choices and methods that are no longer shared with the lack of gratitude. Above all, it is surprising that those who have made “I am not for sale” one of the mantras of their political history do so ». And the exchange of messages about the judicial inquiry into the commission for the statue of Maradona is in white heat. De Magistris was not tender: “I hope that, for you and for others, that bond of honesty has never been lost, having made the moral question the reason for my commitment to public policy.” De Majo’s response was prompt: in my resignation “the lack of proximity of the mayor and the council certainly weighed” since “the decision to open the commission to a representation of popular supporters was immediately shared with the mayor”. In reality, the “distance”, which has now become unbridgeable, was not of these days and had started with the candidacy of Alessandra Clemente as mayor (“choice not shared and dropped from above”) and even earlier with the decision not to participate in the European elections of 2019. And so also the last flag that the mayor had waved at the end of his administrative navigation was lowered with non-mendable tears while escaping from the boat. The survival of the city council is a mirror image of its painful usability since the presence of a quorum of councilors has become a priority in order to guarantee its work and existence. The conditions of the city are known, while the weight of the past, present and future of Naples has been loaded on the shoulders of Alessandra Clemente and on the head of de Magistris hovers another scenario, Calabria and its regional elections. In the parricide and its reverse, De Majo reserves the final coup de theater, with the same lexical scheme as the mayor, when he admits to sharing the choice of candidacy in Calabria: “I hope, however, that the mayor does not commit the same mistakes he is committing in Naples ». In short, the Neapolitans have given, now it’s up to the Calabrians.

March 11, 2021 | 09:00

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