Polls, Fratelli d’Italia now exceeds the Democratic Party: the center-right is at 47.3%

The landslide in progress in Democratic party after the elections of Nicola Zingaretti it is not helping the dem team, which in the polls is in continuous decline. In the latest Swg statistical survey for Tg La7 of Enrico Mentana, the Democratic Party was overtaken by the Brothers of Italy. The League continues to sail well over 23% and Forza Italia has also gained ground compared to the Democratic Party.

The League continues to gain ground on its opponents and confirms itself as the first Italian party with 23.5% of the preferences. In a country exhausted by uncertainties, closures and lockdowns, the work of Matteo Salvini it is bearing fruit. The polls speak for themselves: the country wants change, which is now passing through the League. Anyone who thought that the entry into the Draghi government together with the Democratic Party could harm the Northern League, in the face of the numbers, can only change their mind. The holding of the Brothers of Italy, the only opposition party now in government, is also confirmed. Its leader Giorgia Meloni has an excellent grip on the voters also thanks to the extreme coherence of each of her actions, which over the years has allowed her to grow the party until it becomes the third Italian political force, in a path that sees it constantly increasing in preferences of voters. Forza Italia also grows and continues to win important points among the voters, which they see in Silvio Berlusconi an irreplaceable leader.

The new poll shows that the internal disagreements of the Democratic Party have in fact favored the 5 Star Movement. The party of the resigned Nicola Zingaretti he lost almost two points in a week and the reason is certainly due to the sudden abandonment by the secretary, despite the denials that have come from various quarters on the possibility of the remittance of the mandate in the hands of Valentina Cuppi, president of the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party went from 18.5% of the survey on March 1 to 16.6% of today’s survey, as can be seen from the signs shown by the director Enrico Mentana during the evening edition of the La7 news. The collapse of the Democratic Party gave the impetus to the 5 Star Movement, which rose to 17.2%.

In the current scenario, in addition to the League which is confirmed in first place in the preferences of Italians, Brothers of Italy it has overtaken the Democratic Party, which now has a very serious problem within it. The collapse of the Democratic Party in the polls this week places a milestone in the dem path: the 5 Star Movement took advantage of it for the overtaking and got the Democratic Party in trouble.


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