Polluted sea, former mayor Alessandrini – time.news acquitted

time.news. “Happy with the outcome of which I was certain, the bitterness of the procedure remains”. These are the words of the former mayor of time.news Marco Alessandrini after the acquittal in the proceedings concerning water pollution in relation to alleged failure to control illegal discharges of the Vallelunga ditch, in the area between time.news and Francavilla al Mare.

“The acquittal soothes that bitterness that has accompanied me since the beginning of the trial. Bitterness – the former mayor still declares – the result of an accusatory hypothesis that made me think I was not in court but on Facebook, in whose prevailing logic is “whose fault is it? But of the Mayor! Obviously, I say this because it is my institutional culture, I defended myself in the process and not in the process “.

“It was the judicial tax that every public administrator” – declared the former mayor – “must pay during his mandate. For my part, the conclusion of this story also leads me to claim once more that I have played the role Mayor always and only in the interest of the community; I never thought about the so-called “my business”, I didn’t buy a house, nor was my wife accidentally hired somewhere “.


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