Pompeii, the new Antiquarium opens to the public: the history of the city up to the eruption of 79 AD

The museum reopened on January 25th – LaPresse / Ap /Courier TV

The Antiquarium of Pompeii has reopened to the public in a completely new style, a museum space dedicated to the permanent exhibition of finds that illustrate the history of Pompeii. The building was subject to ups and downs. Inaugurated by Giuseppe Fiorelli in about 1873 and enlarged by Amedeo Maiuri starting from 1926, in 1943 it suffered the damage of the bombing which led to the destruction of an entire room and the loss of various finds. A new exhibition followed in 1948. But still in 1980, the earthquake caused it to be closed again for 36 years and only in 2016, it was possible to reopen it with rooms dedicated to temporary exhibitions. Now a completely renovated space is returned to public use, which refers to what was the first museum concept of Amedeo Maiuri and which will constitute an introduction path to the visit of the site. The history of Pompeii from the Samnite age (4th century BC) to the tragic eruption of 79 AD is traced through the most relevant finds, with particular evidence of the inseparable relationship with Rome.



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