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The song ‘Alayakadal’ was released as the 5th song of ‘Ponniin Selvan Bhaagam – 1’. The best musical melody of this album comes as a treat. This song anchors AR Rahman’s music in this historical legend.

The connection between director Mani Ratnam and Kadala is indescribable. Beginning with Pagal Luwa and ending with Ponni’s Selvan, Mani Ratnam’s films have talked about the sea and the life of people dependent on the sea. Even once in some of his films, sea-related scenes are beautifully depicted.

In this case, this Alaikatal song is the song for the female boongujali who dances in Ponni’s Selvan Part-1. This song is featured in Thailand. Cinematographer Ravivarman is said to have gone to the middle of the ocean to shoot the scenes for the song amid various difficulties.

Boonguzali character is the most important character in Ponni’s Selvan novel. She is the one who takes Arulmozhi Varman and Vandiyathevan to Sri Lanka by boat.

“She must be a flower girl. As befits her name, a lotus flower was adorned in her hair. Her long black hair fell in curls and curls and adorned her bare shoulders. She wore shells, oysters, etc., which the waves of the sea had washed ashore. But all these became beautiful because of her mane. , cannot be said to have beautified her. If beauty bears a form, with what ornament can it beautify it?” Kalki has described Boonguzhali in the novel.

Apart from that, there is a scene in the novel where Vandiyathevan looks at the pipe and asks, “If you sing, even the sea will stop making noise and listen to it! Is that true?” The song has been written by Siva Anand, the executive producer of the film. The song has been sung by Antara Nandy. Although he has sung with the context in mind, he has sung the song very well if we listen to him without singing Centurion as Centurion.

This song is designed to reflect the mind of a young female musician. This song has expressed all the feelings of her subconscious mind like loneliness, emptiness, longing, expectation, dream, desire, pleasure, love and memory of her age. Andhra Nandy too has conveyed these emotions through her voice very well. Especially, all the places that come with Elelo have attracted a lot of song listeners. Especially, in the interlude before the second stanza of the song at 5.14 minutes, from 2.59 minutes to 3.26 minutes, the violin and strings are the peak of grandeur.

How pleasant it is to travel in the darkness and the stillness of the night, the light of the milky moon, the solitude of the waveless sea, listening to her song with the flute. The expressions of the flower’s soul,

“Both pleasure and pain
Place becomes material
Nights are days
Mughal is rain
It is boiling water

Van is an immortal centurion
Come to our earth in the dark

Let me live once
To climb the other shore
Take many births
tell me

An epic in an unspoken language
A spontaneous painting
A fetus without a mother is a living being
Love without proof

Hold hands outside for a moment
Does the smell end by the time it hits the ground?
A view is a vote

The moon does not know the depth of the ocean
Elo Elelo
The thirst of the feet is not visible in the eyes
Elo Elelo

This song is written to console himself with the desires and expectations of his subconscious mind, implying that there will be both joy and sorrow in life. Lyricist Siva Anand has beautifully written in the opening lines that the moon does not know the depth of the ocean, the thirst of the bottom does not appear on the face.

Similarly, the lines of his grief, “Am I an epic written in a language no one speaks, am I a painting created by myself without anyone drawing it, am I a life created without a mother, and what has come to me is a love without evidence” have been woven into the minds of the fans.

The Tiruvalangatcha Seppedus played a major role in completing the history of the later Cholas. In these tablets, the news about Rajaraja Chola’s victories in Sri Lanka, Chalukya, Andhra and Kerala wars are told.

One of Rajarajan’s greatest victories is said to have been his victory over Sri Lanka before AD 993.

There is no such thing as an empire in Sri Lanka. Lots of wars, succession politics. Thus, the kings who went to Ilang from here defeated some king and ruled only his territory. But Rajaraja Chola must be said to be the first king to bring the majority of the island of Sri Lanka under one umbrella.

Rajarajan, who did not want to conquer Sri Lanka and establish an empire there, wanted to establish a solid commercial cultural bridge through war. Since Ceylon was under the control of the Cholas, the products produced there were sent to Tanjore. Historical evidence suggests that Rajaraja was able to rule Sri Lanka for a long time due to his emphasis on the cultural ties of the people.

We have to wait for 7 more days to travel with Vandiyathevan, who sails in the middle of the raging sea, parallel to the speed of the wind, enjoying the beauty of Poonghuali in his youthful despair and the warmth of the moonlight.

Link : Alaikadal – Lyric Video

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