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Sarathkumar said that directors Rajamouli and Mani Ratnam did not fight and fans should not fight except to enjoy the works of creators.

Actor Sarathkumar had come to watch the movie ‘Ponniyin Selvan’ at Kavalkinaru Chakraborty Theater in Nellai district. Later, he met the media there and said, “Manirathanam has directed the story ‘Ponniyin Selvan’ written by Kalki very well. There should be no competition between ‘Baahubali’ and ‘Ponniin Selvan’. Fans should watch the creations of creators together.

And everyone should watch the story without dividing it into those who have read it and those who have not read it. This is a good opportunity to know how our ancestors used to live. Today’s youth are very intelligent. People who understand stories without reading them. Although this area is a small village, the success of this film is that the people here enjoy watching it. And the second part of this movie will be even better. There are still few days of shooting in Nagercoil area. I will go to Chennai and watch the film with fans there too. All those who are acting in it are great actors,” he said.

Next, Rajamouli on social media? Maniratnam? When reporters asked actor Sarathkumar to say about the fighting fans, he said, “Rajamouli and Mani Ratnam did not fight. There is a competition among the fans as to who is the greatest. Must see works by all creators. There should be a smooth relationship between the fans. “There is no need for this competition in terms of entertainment,” he said.


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