The debate is decades old, but once the final political choices have been made and some necessary steps have been taken, a few months would be enough to start the construction work of the Bridge over the Strait. In fact, a fully defined project is already available and is only waiting for the investigation to be closed by the Ministry of Infrastructure.

To start the operations, however, some legislative acts by the government are also needed, starting with the launch of a rule that provides for the express repeal of Law 221/12, the one that voided the contract of 27 March 2006 between the Strait of Messina and Eurolink) and the contextual appointment of a Commissioner Structure with full powers assisted by a support structure to accelerate high-level operational procedures. At that point it would also be necessary to approve the Definitive Project by the Ministry and the Cipe, followed by the approval of the Executive Project by executive phases, a prelude to the official start of the works.

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