Ponte Morandi, “If it turns out that the Benettons have distributed 200 million …”

Ponte Morandi, “If it turns out that the Benettons have distributed 200 million …”

From the wiretapping filed by the Genoa Public Prosecutor’s Office led by Franco Cozzi, a clear picture of the situation appears in the various strands of the proceedings initiated after the collapse of the Morandi Bridge. An authentic portrait is provided by some conversations recorded by the Guardia di Finanza, speeches uttered by family members or by the men closest to them (all, we specify, not under investigation), starting with the top manager Gianni Mion. It is December 31, 2018, four months ago the viaduct over the Polcevera collapsed, managed by Autostrade per l’Italia (Aspi). On the phone with Fabio Cerchiai, president of Atlantia (the parent company of Aspi), on January 3, 2020, Mion ends up returning a distressing portrait of the entire management of the company.

“No his bonus […] – we read on Panorama – frankly, in short, we have already brought the driver’s license home, right ?. On the Autostrade dossier, Alessandro blames the blame: […] I don’t care and it’s their cocks, there are my cousins. The entrepreneur believes there is only one way out: […] there is a compromised credibility problem that is not recoverable … ok? […] to save Atlantia we should get out of Aspi …. But how can you give up the goose that lays the golden eggs? It is precisely the dividends, at a certain point, that embarrass Ermanno Boffa, board member of Atlantia and husband of Sabrina Benetton (who left the board of directors a few days ago, for having been subjected to all kinds of pressures, after the Morandi tragedy) .

In 2020, – continues Panorama – on the phone with Mion, Boffa stresses that it would be devastating if it turned out that the Benettons distributed 200 million euros in their worst moment, that is, after the Polcevera massacre. This is why, among the targets of Mion’s vis controversy, are the grillini, avid fans of the revocation of concessions: “They thought it was enough to talk about the bridge and Benetton and the votes were increased by 15 percent … I don’t think they have he had 15% more votes and even there it is confirmed that all this hype they have mounted, even in electoral terms, brings them absolutely nothing, because people have understood that it is all bullshit “.


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