Poola Kutti St. Mary’s Temple Day Starts: Deepika.com Nattu Visesham

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Poolakutty: Poolakutty will be at St. Mary’s Church from 3 p.m. Yi. It will end on the 16th. Rev. Fr. Martin raises the flag at the church. Then V. Fr. He left and led the church. Today at 4.15 pm Novena and at 4.30 pm on that festive day the Qurbana – Fr. In G. Pandara Prambi.

Then follow the instructions and the text message. At 9.30 am tomorrow, the celebratory Mass will be celebrated by Fr. In a happy mood. Then follow the instructions below.

Threatened group

E-Ritti: Above the Kozhikode Bridge on the Mathi-A Tour Route. Passengers are a threat to travelers. On both sides of the road there are a number of niches as before. It’s a must have, for any Affiliate, promoting any program. Two-wheelers fall out of the control of a fire truck. Is being read. Authorities are not taking steps to remove them. In areas such as Kizhpalli, Aralam, Angadikatav and Karikottakari This is the way passengers reach.


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