Pope Francis criticizes anti-immigration and the extreme right

Pope Francis criticizes anti-immigration and the extreme right

2023-09-25 02:52:09

In an increasingly divided and polarized world, the Pope Francis has stood out as a critical voice against anti-immigration policies and the rise of the extreme right in several countries.

His call for compassion and solidarity with migrants and refugees contrasts sharply with rhetoric of exclusion and hostility. which has become more prominent in some corners of the world, on his visit to the French port city of Marseilles.

France has decided to reject the request to welcome immigrants from Lampedusa, thus supporting the hard line adopted by the Italian Prime Minister, Georgia Meloni. This decision has generated a debate around immigration policy in Europe and has provoked criticism from human rights groups.

France’s stance is based on the belief that welcoming migrants would be an error in judgment amid the growing migration crisis in the region.. French authorities argue they are not in a position to take in more migrants at a time when tensions over immigration are already high across Europe.

Pope Francis has repeatedly used the term “fanaticism of indifference” to describe the attitude of those who show apathy or even hostility towards migrants and refugees. Instead of seeing migration as a challenge that must be addressed with understanding and solidarity, some politicians and far-right groups present it as a threat or an invasion. The Pope has denounced this divisive rhetoric and urged political leaders to promote a more humanitarian approach.

In FrancePope Francis made a clear call to the authorities to speak of “integration” instead of “assimilation” when referring to migrants. This distinction is critical as it highlights the importance of allowing migrants to maintain their cultural and religious identity while integrating into the host society. Assimilation, on the other hand, implies the renunciation of one’s identity and culture of origin, which is a harsher and more exclusive perspective.

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The French president, Emmanuel Macronhas responded to Pope Francis, emphasizing that we must be rigorous in immigration policy: “We cannot accept all the misery in the world”.

Pope Francis has repeatedly recalled that the right to emigrate has become an obligation for many people. Poverty, wars and the climate crisis have forced millions of people to leave their homes in search of safety and opportunity. Instead of closing the doors, the Pope has urged States to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to live a dignified life in the society in which they find themselves.

Pope Francis has emphasized the importance of addressing migration from a perspective of fraternity and solidarity. He has urged countries to create communities willing to welcome, accompany and integrate migrants. Instead of seeing migration as a burden, the Pope sees it as an opportunity to enrich societies and foster understanding between cultures.

Hostility and indifference towards migrants and refugees have not gone unanswered by Pope Francis. He has denounced the hate speech of far-right political groups that demonize migrants and refugees.. He has drawn attention to the need to respond to the migration crisis with compassion and humanity rather than resorting to divisive rhetoric.

The Pope has stressed that migration is a phenomenon that affects the entire world and that requires a response based on fraternity and respect for human dignity.. It is not a problem that one country can solve alone, but a challenge that must be faced together. His appeal for international cooperation and solidarity is a reminder that the migration crisis is not an isolated issue, but a global problem that demands a collective response.

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