Pope Francis in Lesbos among migrants: “It is sad that Europe proposes walls as a solution. Addressing the root causes, not the people”

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“In Europe there are those who persist in treating the problem as a business that does not concern them. This is tragic. And how many conditions unworthy of man. How many hotspot dove migrants e refugees they live in conditions that are at the limit, without glimpsing solutions on the horizon “. Fromisland of Lesbos, in Greece, where he visited a refugee camp, Pope francesco he returned to condemn the old continent for his own policies on migrants. Bergoglio, who during the first part of his journey took place in Cipro denounced i refugee camps, returned to the Hellenic island, where he had been in 2016, just to meet the many refugees who live there in inhumane conditions. “And yet – the Pope affirmed in Lesbos – respect for people and gods human rights, especially in the continent that does not fail to promote them in the world, should always be safeguarded, and the dignity of each should be placed before everything. It is sad to hear, as solutions, the use of Mutual funds per build walls, to build barbed wire. We are in the age of walls and barbed wire. Of course, they understand each other fears e insecurities, difficulties and dangers. They are warned tiredness e frustration, exacerbated by the economic and pandemic crises, but it is not by raising barriers that problems are solved and domestic partnership. Instead, it is by joining forces to take care of others according to the real possibilities of each and respecting the legality, always putting in the first place the irrepressible value of the life of every man, of every woman, of every person “.

On Lesbos, Francis listened to the testimonials of some refugees and volunteers and stressed that “migration is not a problem of Middle East andNorthern Africa, Europe and Greece. It is a problem of the world. Yes, it is a problem of the world, one humanitarian crisis that affects everyone. The pandemic has affected us globally, it has made us all feel in the same boat, it has made us feel what it means to have the same fears. We understand that the big issues must be tackled together, because in today’s world, fragmented solutions are inadequate. But while they are painstakingly pursuing the vaccinations on a planetary level and something, despite many delays and uncertainties, seems to be moving in the fight against climate change, everything seems to be terribly in hiding with regard to migration. Yet there are people, human lives at stake! Everyone’s future is at stake, which will only be peaceful if integrated. Only if reconciled with the majority weak the future will be prosperous. Because when the poor are rejected, peace is rejected. Closures e nationalisms, history teaches us, lead to disastrous consequences ”.

For Bergoglio, in fact, “it is an illusion think that it is enough to safeguard yourself, defending yourself from the weakest who knock on the door. The future will put us even more in contact with each other. To turn it to the good they are not needed unilateral actions, but far-reaching policies. History, I repeat, teaches it, but we have not yet learned it. Do not turn away from reality, stop the continuous bounce of responsibility, do not always delegate the migration issue to others, as if no one cared and it was just a useless burden that someone is forced to shoulder “. And he added: “Let’s get over the paralysis of fear, the indifference that kills, the cynical disinterest who with velvet gloves condemns those on the margins to death! We oppose at the root the dominant thought, the one that revolves around one’s own ego, one’s own personal selfishness and national, which become the measure and criterion of everything “.

In his speech, the Pope also bitterly noted that, five years after his previous visit to Lesbos, “little has changed on the migration issue”. Specifying that “in various societies security and solidarity, local and universal, tradition and openness are opposed in an ideological way. Rather than siding with ideas, it can be helpful to start from reality: to stop, to broaden our gaze, to immerse it in the problems of the majority of humanity, of many populations victims of humanitarian emergencies which they did not create but only immediately, often after long stories of exploitation still in progress. It is easy to drag public opinion by instilling the fear of the other; because instead, with the same attitude, there is no mention of the exploitation of the poor, from the forgotten wars and often lavishly financed, of the economic agreements made on people’s skin, hidden maneuvers to trade weapons and make trade proliferate? The cause remote, not the poor people who pay the consequences, even being used for political propaganda! To remove the root causes, it is not possible only to stop the emergencies. Concerted action is needed. Epochal changes need to be approached with greatness of vision. Because there are no easy answers to complex problems; instead there is a need for accompany the processes from within, to overcome the ghettoizations and encourage a slow and indispensable integration, to welcome the cultures and traditions of others in a fraternal and responsible way “.

Francesco asked to leave looking at the faces of the gods children: “Let’s find the courage to be ashamed in front of them, who are innocent and they are the future. They question our consciences and ask us: ‘What world do you want to give us?’. We do not rush away from the crude images of their little bodies lying inert on the beaches. The Mediterraneo, which has united different peoples and distant lands for millennia, is becoming one cold cemetery without gravestones. This large basin of water, the cradle of many civilizations, now looks like one mirror of death. Let’s not let the Our sea turns into a bleak dead sea, may this meeting place become a theater of confrontation! Let’s not allow this ‘sea of ​​memories’ to turn into the ‘sea of ​​forgetfulness’. Brothers and sisters, please – was the Pope’s appeal – let’s stop this shipwreck of civilizations “. Finally, condemning those who “offend God, despising man created in his image, leaving him at the mercy of the waves, in the lapping of indifference, sometimes even justified in the name of alleged Christian values ​​”.

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