Positive Europeans Covid, cases are flooding: all the details on the Uefa protocol

Europeans, Covid positive: here is the protocol to follow in case there are cases of contagion in the national team. Infected players can be replaced but on one condition

The 2020 European Championships will officially start on Friday 11 June. While we await the debut of Italy in the competition against Turkey, a certain apprehension is rising about the cases of positivity to Covid-19 of various players. The greatest fear is that real contagion clusters may arise that could seriously jeopardize the feasibility of the 2020 European Championships.

After the Swedes Dejan Kulusevski and Mattias Svanberg, respectively owned by Juventus and Bologna, comes the news of a second contagion in the ranks of Spain after that of Sergio Busquets. The Iberian Federation has in fact confirmed that Diego Llorente tested positive for the swab performed yesterday morning in the training center of Las Rosaz.

Europeans, Covid positive: UEFA rules in detail

Uefa for the 2020 European Championships has released a specific protocol to minimize the possibility of contagion from Covid-19 and ensure the continuity of the competition. The first indication is to vaccinate where possible. In this sense, Italy has fully grasped the UEFA directives. Despite the vaccine, players will still be swabbed every 4 days or so. The results must be delivered within 6 hours of the start of the matches.

Given the positive cases found, Spain and Sweden will have to make the regulations on travel even more stringent, today only allowed between the training venue and the stadium.

Can positive players be replaced?

Yes, but only until the first official match of the competition. Then they will be considered normal injured.

To take the field you need at least 13 players negative to the buffer, including a goalkeeper. In the event that the number is lower, the game can be rescheduled in the following 48 hours. In the event that this is not possible, the national team with a reduced squad will suffer a 3-0 defeat. If the referee tested positive for Covid, Uefa can choose a replacement referee of the same nationality as one of the teams on the pitch.


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