“Positive impact” employment platforms, Tinders that attract committed youth

Several times a week, Léa Chaussinand, 25, connects to How I Met Your Planet, a “positive impact” employment platform., which offers hundreds of offers from companies whose values ​​coincide with its own. The young graduate with a master’s degree in management from the University of Paris-I Panthéon-Sorbonne has set up her account according to the themes that are close to her heart and conducts her research almost exclusively on the site. “I want my future employer to do something positive for the environment or society; here i know i will not come across any companyshe says. It’s reassuring not to have to ask me a thousand questions about the authenticity of the commitment of these potential employers. »

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It is precisely to “simplify” the life of Léa and other graduates who are entering the job market that Edouard Ewbank and his partner Thibaud Halpern, both 27, created How I Met Your Planet. After their studies in a business school, with a specialization in HR for one and in project management for the other, the young people wonder about their future.

“Reading the Student manifesto for an ecological awakening, published in 2018, was an electric shockexplains Edouard Ewbank. I remember one sentence in particular: “What does it mean to travel by bike when you also work for a company whose activity contributes to the acceleration of climate change or the depletion of resources?” We said to ourselves that it was absolutely necessary to succeed in finding employers and trades that corresponded to the expectations of today’s youth. »

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The name of the platform, launched in 2019, is a nod to the American series How I Met Your Mother, in which a character tells his children the genesis of his love story with their mother. Here, the ambition is to allow candidates to be able to tell their descendants how they have participated in saving the planet through their jobs. “We only work with companies that want to solve a social or environmental issuecontinues Edouard Ewbank. Alternative consumption, sustainable mobility, integration and inclusion… The impact can take several forms. »

A greater need for meaning

The start-up, which has six full-time employees and two freelancers, is not the only one to have invested in the committed recruitment segment. The other reference site is called Jobs That Make Sense., from the Make Sense association, which aims to empower young people through volunteering or social entrepreneurship. Since its launch in 2014, it has attracted a growing audience. “With the Covid-19 crisis, we are even more aware of this need for meaninganalyzes Fabien Secherre, in charge of marketing and communication. The profile of candidates is changing and we see more 30-somethings in retraining, even if the majority of our users are bac + 5 in professional integration. »

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