Positive lock in Tel Aviv: The Tel Aviv 35 Index jumped 1.61% and erased the rate declines from the beginning of 2022

MDD TA 125 rose 1.8%; FZ Naft Zinka 7.3% Al RKE Fitzul Beit HaZikuk Beshdod; Energy shares Hirukha Baltu positive

The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange continues to radiate strength and today, after opening the trading week a day late due to the fasting of T’av Av, it rose sharply and erased the declines since the beginning of 2022 in the leading indices. The Tel Aviv 35 index rose 1.61%, the Tel Aviv 90 index strengthened 2.1% and Real estate stocks stood out positively with an increase of 2.37%.

The green energy stocks jumped sharply today and continued the global trend for the field, Nofer Energy rose 6.12%, the company earlier announced a deal in Spain for the construction of three projects with a total construction cost of 348 million euros. Doral Energy continued the positive trend with an increase of 5.47%, Enlight increased by 4.87 in an active trading turnover of NIS 34 million. Other stocks that stood out positively, Israel Canada with an increase of 6.3% and Alco with 6.24%. The shares of Nikes, Sapiens and Migdal Al-Haytan did not benefit from the positive trend and fell 4%, 3.9% and 2.7% respectively.

Of all the market shares, we mention Erika B. Cure, which rose 47% in a turnover of NIS 200,000, Aerobotics rose 34% after issuing a follow-up notice from July 5 on a merger agreement with a foreign corporation traded on Nasdaq, and Bonus Bio Group, which jumped 20.8% after suffering a series of negative declines Especially against the background of its departure from the leading indexes. In the descending segment, Three 3Diam dropped about 15%, Cybervan lost 12% and Baram Industries dropped 8.6% with a thin turnover of only NIS 80 thousand. The total turnover in the market was low and stood at NIS 1.6 billion.

Al Bed reported a possible provision for an expected loss in the wipes sector in the US. The predicted loss is 6-8 million dollars resulting from an existing exposure to the company due to non-compliance with the settlement agreement signed with a distributor in the US.

Adika confirmed the signing of the merger agreement with the parent company Goff which was published last week, the stock ended down 1.2%.

Nextfarm reported this morning on a framework agreement with Spacemilk in the amount of approximately 3 million dollars for the supply of protein. The agreement is for 4.5 years.


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